Understand the treatment of varicose veins in 3mn

Experienced in the treatment of varicose veins, Dr. Jean Ichou presents the benefits of new techniques such as the Fast-Closure

Alternatives to conventional varicose veins’ surgery

The Fast-Closure treatment for varicose veins is a renowned and efficient ambulatory technique

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Dr. Jean Ichou has been a specialist of varicose veins treatments for over 25 years, with already 15,000+ varicose veins operations.

His global vascular surgeon and phlebologist’s expertise allows him to manage his patients from start to finish :

For several years now, the surgeon has been proposing to his patients alternative techniques to conventional surgery for varicose veins, such as the endoveinous laser and more importantly the radio-frequency technique – known as Fast-Closure – which happens to be reimbursed by the French social security since March 2015.

Always performed in outpatient, the Fast-Closure technique has many benefits :

- Painless treatment
- Local anesthetic
- Scarless
- Quick return to physical and professional activity
- Same result as conventional surgery in the long run
- Can be combined to some plastic surgery operations (such as liposuction)

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Dr. Jean Ichou is also renowned for his experience in arterial surgery, and particularly for the treatment of aortic aneurysm by “stenting” (placement of stents). This technique has the following benefits :

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More generally, the surgeon’s expertise extends to all veinous and arterial illnesses (phlebitis, pelvic varicosities, carotid stenosis, arteritis of the lower limbs...).

Consultations with Dr. Jean Ichou in one of the 3 care centers, depending on the day and time.

You can contact him directly by dialing + 33 (0) 6 10 02 58 58 or by email on or take a RDV on the website

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