Varicose veins Treatment



Echo-DopplerThe Fast-Closure is an endoveinous (“inside the vein”) technique to treat varicose veins. It appeared in the early 2000’s and is now widely used. 

Acknowledged as being the best alternative to conventional surgery – and particularly to the stripping – the Fast-Closure has numerous benefits :

Radiofréquence 2However, the treatment of varicose veins by Fast-Closure has its limits. It is not adapted for the following cases :

Principle of Fast-Closure

Unlike conventional surgery, the Fast-Closure treatment aims at destroying the saphenous vein instead of ripping it away.

Thanks to a minimally invasive method (very small and discrete incisions), a radio-frequency probe is introduced inside the saphenous vein in order to destroy it by heat.

Fast-Closure Diagram

The operation

The procedure is performed in the operating block on an outpatient-basis, under local anesthetic.

The radio-frequency probe is introduced with the help of a sting. Consequently, no incision is needed in the groin area or pit of the knee. Hence, the operation is scarless and almost non-traumatic.

In addition to the local anesthetic, a tumescence analgesia is carried out in order to protect the surrounding tissue from the heat stress (the probe’s temperature reaches 120°C). It consists in injecting under ultrasound control some physiologic serum as well as some xylocaïne in order to absorb the excess heat generated by the radio-frequency.


The operative follow ups remain simple :

- Patients can walk in the hour following the operation
- Compression stocking must be worn during a few days
- Preventive anticoagulant treatment against phlebitis during a couple of days
- Immediate return to physical and professional activity

Cost of Fast-Closure


Since the 1st of March 2015, the radio-frequency probe is reimbursed by the French social security, which takes down the cost for the patient to the excess fee charge, that is to say between 100€ and 400€, depending on the number of veins to treat (against about 2,000€ as it used to be).