Varicose veins Treatment

Conventional surgery (Stripping)


The stripping method is a common and conventional surgical procedure to treat large calibre varicose veins (over 12mm), when Fast-Closure is not applicable.

It is performed under general anesthetic and requires 1 or 2 days of hospitalization.


The operation consists in performing a dissection in the groin area or the pit of the knee in order to rip the varicose veins away with the help of a stripper.


- 3-week work stoppage

- Post-operative consultation between the 4th and 7th day following the operation
- Compression stockings must be worn during 1 month after the operation
- Walking again is advised the evening of the operation 

- Showers are authorized the day following the operation
- Post-operative pains are generally moderate, well calmed by analgesics

- The prescription of anticoagulants is decided from case to case to reduce the risk of phlebitis, just like after any surgical procedure

- Bruises appear along the stripping zone, disappearing after 12 to 15 days